free hearing aid trials

Free Hearing Aid Trials

Trial the GN ReSound LINX - the world's smartest hearing aid.

Imagine a video call with a loved one on your iPhone. Listening to the music that moves you on your iPod touch or watching a favourite film on your iPad. All through wireless headphones that happen to be your hearing aids. A hearing aid personalised to your every need. So small that no one needs to know you're wearing one.

The LINX is the first hearing aid made to connect directly to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can chat with family, friends or colleagues with ease. Use FaceTime video calling to bring far away friends and family into your living room. The first hearing aids connecting directly to Apple devices. You can even chat hands free.

The only catch is you must have an iPhone 5 and or an iPad Air. You can find out more at

If you would like to participate in the ReSound LINX hearing aid trial, please don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 8599 1600 or email us at

Why Hearing Aid Trials?

To provide James with feedback direct from our local community, Acute Hearing conducts field trials of the latest hearing aids at no cost. We look for 25 candidates to trial a pair of hearing aids for between 7 and 10 days. In return, we ask you to complete a before and after questionnaire. These trials provide us with direct feedback and allow us to understand the true positives and negatives of the new hearing aid.

We have recently completed hearing aid trials for three different types of hearing aids:

Hearing Aid Trial Results

Of the clients who participated in the trials 55% did so because they had noticed that their hearing was increasingly causing them problems and 45% of the participants felt they could benefit from hearing aids but had chosen not to do anything about it.

Before taking the trial, all of the participants noted that they wanted to follow conversations more easily, particularly in noisy environments. After completing the trial 86% of participants strongly agreed that it was beneficial to experience and trial a new release hearing aid before making a decision. More importantly, 88% of the participants noted a significant improvement in following conversations in a one on one situation and on the phone. More importantly, 73% of the participants noted an improvement in following conversations in noisy environments.

At Acute Hearing we encourage all of our clients to trial hearing aids so that you can determine for yourself whether the benefits suit your requirements, budget and lifestyle as well as your hearing loss.

If you would like to participate in the next hearing aid trial, please don’t hesitate to call us on (02) 8599 1600 or email us at

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Trial the tiny Widex Unique hearing aid. Our patients who have tried other hearing aids prefer the natural sounds of the Unique. Come and see for yourself.

Hearing Aid Trials
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