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Discrete Hearing Aids for Kids

Free assessment and trial of discrete in-the-ear hearing aids for children who are going into high school or older*

Do you have a child who is 12 years or older that would like discrete hearing aids that sit inside their ear?

We are the leading teenage and adolescent in-the-ear hearing aid specialists.

Mackenzie’s story

One of our staff member’s daughters, Mackenzie has a single sided hearing loss and was only ever offered hearing aids that sit behind the ear.

  • Mackenzie is starting high school and was conscious of her hearing aid, what the other Year 7 classmates might think and she did not want to be different;
  • Mackenzie’s Mum was sick of having to re-inforce (fight with) Mackenzie to get her to wear her hearing aid each day of the week; and
  • Mackenzie’s Mum was concerned that in high school the teacher will no longer be wearing the FM system and that the support Mackenzie received might be reduced.

We fitted Mackenzie with a discrete in-the-ear hearing aid that she now wears every day and even takes it out to show her friends how small it is. Here is what Mackenzie had to say:

“At the age of five my family and l discovered I had a hearing loss in my right ear. As an infant I had had many ear infections, and then had my adenoids removed. Soon after my teachers were concerned about my spelling and when I assumed that my iPods right ear bud didn't work, my parents knew something was wrong. Since then I've had three hearing aids.

My first one had a mould which was bright purple and pink. At the time I thought it looked cool, but my peers had different opinions. Eventually I wasn't pleased with them as they stood out and made me look different. My second hearing aid was much smaller, as it had no mould in my ear and all that could be seen was a small clear tube because the rest of it was so small behind my ear. I thought it was awesome at first. I wore it at school for two years, mainly because the primary teachers said I had to.

With high school coming up next year I was concerned people would still notice the tube and the hearing aid because I wear ponytails a lot. I was then given a free trial from Acute Hearing where my mom works. It was an in-the-ear hearing aid. I've worn it for a term so far and I love it. No one can see it, it sounds just like my other ear, and it fits comfortably. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to trial these hearing aids and really happy that mom said I can keep it. I doubt anyone will even notice it when I go to High School.”

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The process for children and adolescents:

  • You must be in your last year of primary school (about to start high school) or older to participate in the free trial of hearing aids*;
  • You will receive an initial free 1 hour consultation to determine whether you meet the criteria to trial a discrete hearing aid (ear anatomy, type of hearing loss etc);
  • If an in-the-ear hearing aid is suitable for the patient an obligation free 2 week take home trial is offered; and
  • The hearing aids are not covered by the Government or Australian Hearing and are purchased by the family (they are not free). We offer 3 or 12 month payment plans. Some health funds provide an extra’s rebate but this varies depending upon the health fund and the level of cover.
*Terms and conditions apply

Acute Hearing has access to fit its patients with the full range of hearing aids prescribed in Australia, not just the Siemens range of hearing aids.

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