hearing aids for regional nsw customers

Hearing Aids for Patients in Regional NSW

We have worked with many patients from areas outside of Sydney, such as, farmers, patients from Coffs Harbour, Jarvis Bay, Bowral/ Mittagong, Newcastle, Central Cost to name a few.

Are you a farmer or from outside Sydney and are looking for better hearing and value:

  • Personalised solutions;
  • Best in class testing equipment and processes;
  • Audiologists who can objectively assess all leading hearing aids;
  • Competitive pricing; and
  • Old fashioned service.

Contact us to book a complimentary Outside of Sydney appointment with one of our independent audiologists.

We have tailored the process to our patients from outside Sydney and we spend more time up front to so that you do not need to see us as many times. This started by accident as we were offering the trial of hearing aids in the Garden magazine and we had a great response from people outside of Sydney who could get their hearing aids at a cheaper price from us including their travel costs to Sydney.

The Hearing Aid Process - Patients from outside of Sydney*

1. Testing, prescription and fitting consultation (2 hours)

  • Understand your needs and goals
  • Assess hearing and explain results
  • Consider hearing loss, ear anatomy, budget, lifestyle
  • Objectively assess all hearing aids products
  • Prescribe 2 week take home trial
  • Fit hearing aids for physical comfort
  • Personalised programming of hearing aids
  • Verification and sound comfort reviewed
  • Acclimatisation and auditory capacity counselling
  • Basic care and maintenance instructions
  • 2 week take home trial starts (If you don’t like them express post them back at no charge)

2. Following up consultation (Face to Face/Phone/Skype)

  • Review of comfort and performance
  • Fine tuning and further optimisation, if required
  • Acclimatisation and auditory capacity counselling
  • Ongoing care and maintenance instructions
  • Patient decides whether the purchase or hand back hearing aids

3. Ongoing care (Face to Face/Phone/Skype)

  • Follow up at 2 weeks
  • Touch point at 3 months
  • Touch point at 6 months
  • Annual review every 12 months
  • Call or email for cleaning, batteries and other parts
*This process is for non-custom hearing aids only. Please contact us to discuss invisible hearing aid solutions if you are from outside Sydney.

Our Audiologists

james roxburg audiologist

James Roxburgh
(Clinical Audiologist) Drummoyne Clinic

emma argaet audiologist

Emma Argaet
(Clinical Audiologist) Drummoyne Clinic

raisse tjoa audiologist

Raisse Tjoa
(Clinical Audiologist) West Pennant Hills Clinic

Fully trained - Have completed an undergraduate degree, masters degree and 12 month internship.

Independent - Part of a select few in Australia who assess the suitability of all leading hearing aids for the patient. Over 90% of hearing aids prescribed are by hearing clinicians who can only prescribe the hearing aids their parent company manufactures or have a contractual obligation to prescribe a specific brand of manufacturer.

Longer appointment times - Spend more time with you than other hearing clinics, so you receive the right advice, technical expertise and service without time pressure.

Selectively recruited - work with all brands of hearing aids and styles – most audiologists do not fit custom or invisible hearing aids (only around 10% of hearing aids prescribed are in the ear) as they are harder to get right but when done well they give great results! They also do not normally prescribe 4 or more brands of hearing aids.

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Optimising Hearing Aids

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