What John Russell has to say about Acute Hearing

Nikki Roxburgh - 14 July 2013


Thanks very much for all your assistance in steering me towards well fitted, comfortable and, yes pretty good sounding, hearing aids.

What is more remarkable is that I actually purchased them – particularly so in light of the challenge that I threw you right from the start when I did tell you that previously I had had a dismal experience elsewhere where I was being very quickly pushed to buy an expensive product that sounded like tinny transistors through drainpipes and they were ill-fitting and uncomfortable to boot.

Apart from your incredible patience during our numerous appointments (I lost count!) and your persistence in correcting the issues that I regularly outlined from my painful listings of pros and cons of each model that you allowed me to trial, you never once pushed me to buy.

In fact more than once you did insist that, unless I was completely happy and ready, you would prefer that I did not buy.

I was also very appreciative that you have a number of brands and models from which to choose and you are not pushing one brand only. This really did allow genuine choice and the most suitable model.

I am sure that most people are like me insofar as firstly, finding it difficult to acknowledge that there is a hearing problem, since this is often associated with being a sign of age, and secondly not wanting to be known as or seen wearing a hearing aid, another perceived sign of age.

Not only am I finding I can again involve myself in situations that I had been avoiding, but I actually get a bit of a kick out of having to point out to people that I am wearing hearing aids – “You’re kidding me! Where? I can’t see them!”

Strange isn’t it?

Thanks again and looking forward to the musician’s earplugs – just let me know when they’re ready.

John Russell