Ear wax removal via micro suction

Nikki Roxburgh - 14 February 2015

When I was a child I used to swim a lot and as a a result I was at our family's local Dr at least 4 times a year to get my ears syringed. I can still remember the feeling when the ear wax was removed it was such a relief. I could hear again and most importantly that blocked feeling was gone. I must admit I also loved looking at how much ear wax came out into that metal bowl!

Our two little girls are swimming a lot at the moment which has meant a lot of pool time for me and once again I find I am suffering from the same blocked sensation I had when I was a child.

My husband (James Roxburgh) is the Head Audiologist at Acute Hearing in Drummoyne and last year one of the Head Dr's from a local Medical Centre we work with approached James to see if he could perform Ear Wax Removal because they do not feel using the syringing method is the safest method of removal available. So James researched alternate methods of removal and purchased equipment for ear wax removal using micro-suction because it is the safest method and completed the additional training required.

James learnt that in New Zealand and the UK that micro-suction is the main method of ear wax removal as it is the safest extraction method.

So given my recent issues I can say that I have now experienced ear wax removal using the micro suction method and I was surprised to find that it was gentler, there was no wet feeling in my ear later and it was cleaner. The only thing I missed was seeing all that wax in the metal bowl at the end!

If you are experiencing a blocked feeling in your ears or just want to make sure that your ears are clean and healthy contact the staff at Acute Hearing on (02) 8599 1600  or at info@acutehearingnsw.com.au to book an ear wax removal appointment.

Nikki Roxburgh
The Audiologist's wife