My wife's experience at the Optometrist

Nikki Roxburgh - 14 August 2013

For our current clients, you may have seen or met my wife Nikki who is often in the reception area of the clinic.

For the last 18 years she has worked each day on a laptop. Nikki does a lot of work with numbers , writing papers and preparing presentations. I would say that over the last 3 months Nikki has gradually noticed that she has been missing things or having to try harder at work to see things. She has accidentally paid one of our staff incorrectly seeing a 6 as an 8 and there are many more examples like these.

Of course Nikki thought her vision was perfect and that there was nothing wrong with her eye sight. Despite these protests, I did manage to get her to the Optometrist.

Turns out Nikki needed glasses for her stigmatisms. She left the Optometrist saying "I think he was playing a trick on me - like those placebo effect with tablets". I bet I will not even notice the difference when I put them on. A particular conversation stood out to me, I remember her saying "my eyes aren't that bad, I can cope most of the time" and I remember saying to her "you sound just like my clients".

When Nikki picked up the glasses and put them on she could not believe the difference. She wears them all the time now at work and does not understand how she survived without them.

Going through this process with her just gave me a friendly reminder of what many of my clients go through when they contemplate seeking help for their hearing loss. It also reinforced to me how important it is to trial hearing aids ( ) so that you can make sure that you experience the difference they can make before purchasing them.

Nikki will not be happy with me for writing this section, but since getting the glasses a couple of our friends and colleagues have suggested that this is often the first sign of middle age. They asked her is she was nearing 40 years of age or was just over 40 years old because that is often when the aging process starts.

It made me wonder how many of my clients spouses have coped with hearing loss as it normally takes an individual 7 years to address their hearing loss not the 3 months it took Nikki to get glasses.

James Roxburgh